CoCo Seminar Series: Fall 2023

CoCo Seminar Series: Fall 2023 Schedule Flyer

August 30, 2023
Heterogeneity Extends Criticality
Dr. Carlos Gershenson

SSIE, Binghamton University

September 20, 2023
[Online] Introduction to the Center for Social Complexity at George Mason University
Dr. William G. Kennedy

Computational & Data Sciences, George Mason University

September 27, 2023
[Online] Relational Models of Complex Systems: Hierarchy and Topology of High Order Interactions
Dr. Cliff Joslyn

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory / SSIE, Binghamton University

October 25, 2023
Beliefs and Social Networks: Exploring Opinion Dynamics in Interconnected Complex Systems
Irene Ferri Condeminas

Physics, University of Barcelona, Spain / CoCo Visiting Scholar

October 31, 2023
[Extra CoCo Seminar] Prediction in the Stock Market Using Deep Learning
Dr. Priyank Thakkar

Computer Science and Engineering, Nirma University, India

November 1, 2023
Policy Reform Effects in the Tax Ecosystem: An Agent-based Simulation Approach
Dr. Peter Gerbrands

Economics, Utrecht University, the Netherlands / Economics, Binghamton University

December 5, 2023 (in ***EB R15***)
[Extra CoCo Seminar] Targeting Mental Health Conditions Globally in Challenging Times
Dr. Claudi Bockting

Global Health and Social Medicine, Harvard University / Clinical Psychology in Psychiatry, Amsterdam University Medical Centers, the Netherlands

December 6, 2023
Connecting Dynamics on and of Networks to Data: Motif-Based and Mean-Field Approaches
Dr. Alice C. Schwarze

Mathematics, Dartmouth College

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