Center for Collective Dynamics of Complex Systems at Binghamton University

Dr. Jordan Rozum

SSIE, Binghamton University
Shortest Paths and Distance Backbones in Multilayer Networks with Incomparable Layers
(January 25, 2023)
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Dr. Jayson Boubin

Computer Science, Binghamton University
Fully Autonomous Aerial Systems: Design, Implementation, and Applications
(February 8, 2023)
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Dr. Congyu (Peter) Wu

SSIE, Binghamton University
The Promises of Human-Centered Mobile Sensing
(February 22, 2023)
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Dr. Stephanie Tulk Jesso

SSIE, Binghamton University
Translation of Technology into Healthcare as a Wicked Problem
(March 8, 2023)
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Fuhe Jin

Management, Binghamton University
Leader Emergence in Virtual Work: Using Machine Learning to Explore Group Dynamics
(March 29, 2023)
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Dr. Salvatore Vilella

Computer Science, University of Turin, Italy
[Extra CoCo Seminar] Characterizing Segregation in Complex Social Systems Exploiting Data-Driven Approaches
(May 10, 2023)
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