Collective Dynamics of
Complex Systems
(CoCo) Research Group

CoCo Informal Seminar Series
Spring 2011 Schedule

Wednesday 8:30-9:30am (NOTE: The time is 30 min. earlier than before!)
Biotechnology Building, Room 2221 (ITC Conference Room), unless noted otherwise
With refreshments; followed by free discussions

February 2: Hiroki Sayama (Bioengineering & Systems Science and Industrial Engineering)
"Open Discussion on Complex Systems Science/Engineering Graduate Programs"
Location will be EB-L7 (SSIE Meeting Room).


February 16: Lucas Sabalka (Mathematical Sciences)
"An Introduction to Persistent Homology"

March 2: Jin Akaishi (CoCo Research Group)
"Characterizing Interdisciplinarity of Scientists and Research Topics Using Web Search Engines"

March 16: Sangwon Yoon (Systems Science and Industrial Engineering)
"Affiliation/Dissociation Decision Models in Demand and Capacity Sharing Collaborative Network"

April 6: Ravi Mathur (Biomedical Engineering)
"Data Mining of High Dimensional Data by Evolutionary Computing"

April 27: Hadassah Head (Systems Science)
"Network-Informed Idea Selection Strategies for Electronic Brainstorming"

May 11: Tony Worm and Kenneth Chiu (Computer Science)
"Algorithms by Nature: How Ideas from Nature Inspire Algorithms That Help Us Understand the World around Us" [Video]

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