Collective Dynamics of
Complex Systems
(CoCo) Research Group

CoCo Informal Seminar Series
Spring 2009 Schedule

February 18: Pam Mischen (Public Administration; will be held in BI-2602 only on this date)
"Complex Social Problems in Binghamton and Broome County"

March 4: Scott Henkel (English)
"Aiming an Arrow at Achilles: Complex Systems and Literary Scholarship"

March 18: Yu Chen (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
"LAVI: A Location Aware Virtual Infrastructure for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks"

March 25: Andreas Pape (Economics)
"A Computational Implementation of Case-based Decision Theory"

April 8: Heike Sichtig (Biomedical Engineering)
"Information Processing in Biological Systems"

April 15: Justin Garcia (Anthropology and Biological Sciences)
"Biocultural Perspectives on Intimacy and Infidelity: How Can Sexual Relationships be Studied with Complexity Theory?"

April 29: Ken Chiu and Chaitali Pandit (Computer Science)
"Lake Sunapee:  Cyberinfrastructure for Citizen Science"

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