Center for Collective Dynamics of Complex Systems at Binghamton University

Shun Cao

Systems Science, Binghamton University
Detecting Dynamic States of Temporal Networks Using Connection Series Tensors
(September 2, 2020)
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Dr. Daniel McKeever

Management, Binghamton University
Capital Regulation and Bank Failure Contagion in a Complex System
(September 23, 2020; 9-10am)
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Dr. Ximeng Chen

Government, Sacred Heart University
How Do Small Nonprofit Organizations Seek to Solve Wicked Problems? Learning from Extreme Cases of Collaborative Arrangements
(October 7, 2020)
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Dr. Danushka Bandara

Computer Science and Engineering, Fairfield University
Insights into Human Cognition through Machine Learning
(October 21, 2020)
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Dr. Zeynep Ertem

SSIE, Binghamton University
Epidemic Disease Modeling, Optimal Multi-Source Forecasting and Clique Relaxations in Social Networks
(November 4, 2020)
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Yiding Cao

Industrial and Systems Engineering, Binghamton University
Visualizations of Collective Activity and Performance in Social Networks
(November 18, 2020)
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