Center for Collective Dynamics of Complex Systems at Binghamton University

Yanbing Mao

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Binghamton University
Topology Switching for Secure Networked Control Systems
(September 18, 2019)
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Dr. Yong Wang

Systems Science and Industrial Engineering, Binghamton University
Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading in a Microgrid based on Iterative Double Auction
(October 16, 2019)

Dr. Cynthia Maupin

Management, Binghamton University
A Systems Approach for Understanding Complex Organizations
(October 23, 2019)
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Gakuto Watanabe

University of Tsukuba, Japan / CoCo Visiting Scholar
Collective Memory and Attention in Online Media Triggered by Exogenous Events
(October 30, 2019)
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Dr. Saeideh Mirghorbani

Management, Binghamton University
Using Stochastic Decision Making Processes to Improve Alzheimer’s Disease Screening
(November 13, 2019)
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Dr. Thomas Schmickl

Biology and Zoology, University of Graz, Austria
Repairing Broken Ecosystems with Autonomous Robot Swarms
(December 4, 2019)
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