Center for Collective Dynamics of Complex Systems at Binghamton University

Dr. Ziang Zhang

ECE, Binghamton University
From Kuramoto Oscillators to Synchronous Generators, Searching the Regions of Attraction of Networked Nonlinear Systems
(August 29, 2018)
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Dr. Bing Si

SSIE, Binghamton University
[CoCo/Data Science TAE Joint Seminar] Data Fusion and Statistical Learning in Healthcare Systems: From Diagnosis to Care to System-Level Decision-Making
(October 10, 2018)
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Dr. Jerome Niyirora

Health Information Management, SUNY Polytechnic Institute
Network Analysis of Medical Care Services
(October 24, 2018)
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Dr. Saray Shai

Computer Science, Wesleyan University
Topology and Geometry of Urban Road Networks
(November 7, 2018)
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Dr. Emrah Akyol

ECE, Binghamton University
Bayesian Signaling Games and Their Applications to Misinformation Spread over Networks
(November 14, 2018)
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Dr. Ashwin Vaidya

Montclair State University
Creativity as an Emergent Property of Complex Educational System (4-5pm 11/27) [Flyer] [Video]
Complex Dynamics of Protein Aggregation in Alzheimer's Disease (11am-12pm 11/28) [Flyer] [Video]