Collective Dynamics of
Complex Systems
(CoCo) Research Group

CoCo Seminar Series: Fall 2015

Wednesday 8:30-9:30am
Engineering Building R-3 (SSIE Conference Room)
With refreshments; followed by free discussions

[Seminar Schedule Flyer]

September 16: Jean Marie Dembele (Computer Science, Université Gaston Berger de Saint-Louis, Sénégal)
"A Gene Regulatory Network for Artificial Cells Proliferation Control"
[Flyer] [Video]

October 5 [Special CoCo/EvoS joint seminar; 5:15pm in AAG 008]: Charles Goodnight (Biology, University of Vermont)
"Using Multilevel Selection Theory to Define the Individual"
[Flyer] [Video]

October 14: Huiyang Li (Systems Science and Industrial Engineering)
"Function Allocation in Human-Automation Systems: The Case of Space Teleoperation"
[Flyer] [Video]

October 21: Malte Möser (Information Systems, University of Münster, Germany)
"From Blockchain to Consensus: Design and Challenges of Cryptographic Currencies"
[Flyer] [Video]

October 22: [Keynote lecture at CoCo ORC kick-off event; 11:30am in ES 2008]
Yaneer Bar-Yam (New England Complex Systems Institute) [Flyer] [Video]

October 28: Timothy Masters (Independent researcher and author)
"Predicting Complex Financial Markets"
[Flyer] [Video]

November 11: Hiroki Sayama (Systems Science and Industrial Engineering)
"Modeling Individual Behavioral State Transitions from Experimental Observations of Termite Collectives" [Flyer] [Video]

November 25: Andreas Pape (Economics) and John Zhang (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
[Note: Thus seminar will be held in UU 120]

"Simulating a Binghamton Smart Grid Using Case-based Decision Theory" [Flyer] [Video]

December 2: Nesrine Ouannes (Computer Science, University of Biskra, Algeria)
[Note: Thus seminar will be at 9:30-10:30am]

"Evolving Foraging Behaviors of Virtual Creatures in a Simulated Ecosystem" [Flyer] [Video]

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