Collective Dynamics of
Complex Systems
(CoCo) Research Group

CoCo Informal Seminar Series
Fall 2014 Schedule

Wednesday 8:30-9:30am
ITC Biotechnology Building BI-2221
With refreshments; followed by free discussions

[Flyer in PDF]

September 10: Andreas Pape (Economics, Binghamton University)
"Concept Learning, Case-Based Reasoning, and the Future of Empirical Game Theory" [Flyer] [Video]

September 24: Xinpei Ma (Biomedical Engineering, Binghamton University)
"Hierarchical Heterogeneous Particle Swarm Optimization" [Flyer] [Video]

October 8: Mavi Ruiz-Blondet (Psychology/Biomedical Engineering, Binghamton University)
"BrainPrint: Identifying Unique Features of Brain Activity with Machine Learning" [Flyer] [Video] [Prezi]

October 22: Hiroki Sayama (Bioengineering/Systems Science, Binghamton University)
"Four Classes of Morphogenetic Collective Systems" [Flyer] [Video]

November 5:Jiangang Huang (Management, Binghamton University)
"Measuring Social Exchanges Between Leaders and Followers: Comparison of Two Leadership Questionnaires Using Item Response Theory" [Flyer]

November 19: Jeffrey Schmidt (Systems Science, Binghamton University)
"Uncovering the Underlying Dynamics of Real World Temporal Network Data Using Generative Network Automata" [Flyer] [Video]

December 3: Class Project Presentation by ECON 696H Students
"Using Case-based Decision Theory to Predict Buyer and Seller Behavior in a French Fish Market" [Flyer]

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