Collective Dynamics of
Complex Systems
(CoCo) Research Group

CoCo Informal Seminar Series
Fall 2012 Schedule

Wednesday 9:00-10:00am
Fine Arts 242 (*** note the room change for this semester ***)
With refreshments; followed by free discussions

[Flyer in PDF]

September 19: Hiroki Sayama (Bioengineering & Systems Science and Industrial Engineering)
"Post-Merger Cultural Integration from a Social Network Perspective: A Computational Modeling Approach"

October 10: Richard Lee (Sociology) ***NOTE: Starts earlier at 8:30am***
"The Structures of Knowledge and the Crisis of the Modern World-System"

November 7 (RESCHEDULED): Yu Chen (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
"An Introduction to Moving Target Defense in Cloud Systems"

November 14: Keith Thompson (Systems Science)
"Distributed Processing for Large-Scale Location-Based Social Networks"

November 21: Jean Marie Dembele (Computer Science, Université Gaston Berger de Saint-Louis, Sénégal)
"An Agent-Particle Model for Taxis-Based Aggregation"

November 28: Simon Joyce (Mathematical Sciences)
"An Introduction to Gene Regulatory Networks"

December 5: Jeffrey Schmidt (Systems Science) ***NOTE: Starts earlier at 8:30am***
MS Thesis Defense: "PyGNA: A Python Implementation of Generative Network Automata"

December 12: Dave Schaffer (Bioengineering)
"Complex Systems as a Foundation for a Grand Theory of Everything"

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