Collective Dynamics of
Complex Systems
(CoCo) Research Group

CoCo Informal Seminar Series
Fall 2009 Schedule

September 9: Shelley Dionne (School of Management)
"An Examination of Team Emergent Processes, Mental Models, and Decision Making with Agent-Based Modeling"

September 23: Hiroki Sayama (Bioengineering)
"Swarm Morphogenesis through Local Information Transmission and Random Differentiation"

October 7: Benjamin Bush (Systems Science with Biosystems Concentration)
"Shirokuro as a Constraint Satisfaction Problem"

October 21: Hao Chen (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
"Comparison of Immunity-Inspired Collaborative Defense Techniques in a Small World Network"

November 4: Yibo Sun (Computer Science)
"Embedding Complex Networks in a Metric Space"

November 18: Pam Mischen (Public Administration)
"Simulating Trust: Personal, Dyadic and Network Influences"

December 2: Matthew Hoffmann (Systems Science with Biosystems Concentration)
"Agents and Networks for High Speed Ground Transportation"

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