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Knowledge about networks can help us to make sense of those systems, making it a useful literacy tool for people to be effective and successful in this increasingly complex, interconnected world of the 21st century. Nearly everything in this world is reliant on something else for some reason. Humans need oxygen, trees need carbon dioxide and sunlight to survive. Almost all things around us are interconnected, and often in a complex way. Netscidraw and other systems science tools hope to develop this perspective of how the world works from a systems perspective and will enhance your ability to think divergently and creatively for a positive impact.
Try to map out your immediate family!
K-2 Example
A more advanced example showing the Water Cycle
3-5 Example
Express the interconnectedness of ideas within a book
NetSciDraw allows you to draw circles, fill these labels with ideas, connect them with arrows, create labels, and move all of those around in order for you to understand your unique "network." To draw just hold down your mouse, finger, or stylus on your device. When you are all finished, you can erase whatever you want to with the eraser.

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NetSciDraw focuses around systems thinking.
a movement to make learning active, not just passive
NetSciDraw, 2018 Capstone Project
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